Indian Professional Pilot Programme

Commercial Pilot Training for international students from India

Technik v Praze nonstop

High Quality Standards

Our programme offers a high quality training in Europe for a reasonable price. Our standards meet DGCA regulations, which enables you to convert your EASA license when returning to India.
Technik v Praze nonstop

Time Building Opportunity

Do you want to build more flight time and become an airline pilot? After the completion of the flight training phase, all eligible students will be offered an opportunity to apply for an internship phase in order to work as flight instructors in our flight school.
Technik v Praze nonstop

Beautiful Environment

Not only can you live close to Prague, the city that has been voted the most beautiful city in the world, but also you will get a chance to fly over magnificent landscapes of the Czech Republic and other European countries.

Private Pilot License PPL(A)

  • 35 hours of dual instruction time
  • 10 hours of solo time
  • 15 hours Briefing
  • PPL Ground School

Time Building

  • 90 hours Solo Time with 70 hours of cross-country flights

Multi Engine Instrument Rating with PBN

  • 3 hrs dual in FNPT II simulator
  • 8 hrs. dual with instructor – Piper Seneca PA-34
  • 7 hrs. briefing & ground school

ATPL(A) Programme - Theory

The ATPL theory course covers 14 different subjects defined by EASA regulations and is taught by lecturers and aviation professionals.  Each subject is concluded with a written examination according to EASA regulations at the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic. Each student receives an iPad with eLearning tools with lifetime updates.
  • Air Law
  • Airframe, Systems, Electrics, Power Plant
  • Instrumentation
  • Mass & Balance
  • Performance
  • Flight Planning & Monitoring
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • General Navigation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • Communications – VFR & IFR

Night Flying

  • 4,5 hours of dual instruction
  • 0.5 hours solo flight time
  • 20 night landings

Single Engine Instrument Rating with PBN

  • 30 hrs. dual in FNPT II simulator
  • 20 hrs. dual with instructor – Cessna 172SP
  • 20 hrs. briefing & ground school

Commercial Pilot License CPL(A)

  • 10 hours of dual instruction time
  • 5 hours of dual instruction time in a complex aircraft with retractable landing gear and adjustable propeller
  • 7 hours of briefing

Follow Your Dream and Become a Pilot in Europe

Now it's the best time to start a new chapter in your life. Make it happen in the Czech Republic. We offer training tailored to the needs of students coming from India that wil earn you the necessary EASA license, ratings and required DGCA minimum flight hours. Your licence will also entitle you to apply for a position of first officer in one of European airlines.

Fast-Track Training

We are very well aware that time is money. Every month of living abroad can mean a huge difference in your total budget. Therefore JetForTrip offers accelerated training that meets the same high quality standards as our other programmes but within a time frame of 16-18 months.

Course Structure

After successfully completing our training you will obtain your Commercial Pilot License – CPL(A). Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot License with ATPL theory are also included in this course. In addition, for interested students we are able to provide a Multi-Crew cooperation course (MCC), Flight Instructor course (FI) and Advanced UPRT course.

We Offer a Full Service Package

Scared of all administrative obstacles and European legislation? Don't be. We will help you find a place to live in the Prague area, as well as providing you with assistance for obtaining an appropriate visa and necessary health insurance for non-EU citizens. Do not hesitate to contact us for a full list of our service.

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  • Pilot training that is specifically tailored for Indian students.
  • User-friendly e-Learning System.
  • Professional and enthusiastic instructors with substantial experience from commercial airlines.
  • Family atmosphere in our school and individual approach towards its students.
  • 11 years’ experience with training pilots and over 200 successful graduates.
  • Supporting staff that is ready to help the students during the whole programme.
  • Unique chance to obtain an internship as a flight Instructor after completion of additional flight Instructor training course.
  • Great opportunity to see Europe from bird's eye view during time building phase.
  • Location of the flight school close to Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic.